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Student hub

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Community Care Inform is full of resources that support social work students with their learning across the curriculum. This page highlights material that will help you:

  • develop your understanding of topics covered in lectures and seminars;
  • write essays, case studies and research projects, and prepare presentations;
  • feel ready for practice in different settings – on placements and beyond.

The guides and tools on this page are just a selection of what’s on the site and many will link you to further resources. If you’re looking for something specific to help with your course that isn’t listed here, use the search box above or let us know.

You can watch this short video to learn how information and research from the social work sector travels into Community Care Inform. 

Note: This page will link you to resources on both CC Inform Children and CC Inform Adults. If you are accessing CC Inform from your university or college’s single sign-on service, this should enable you to access everything. If you have any problems, please contact your librarian or our helpdesk (email or call 0203 915 9444).

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Research and evidence-based practice

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Learn on the Go (CC Inform’s podcast on new research and emerging practice)

Messages from research

Community Care Inform’s expert authors produce digests of research on social work topics so you can understand key messages and recent developments in research. All articles are clearly referenced with links to the research sources. Below is a selection of the most read research reviews; search the site for other topics.