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How Inform can help you meet the KSS standards

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Looking for information on the KSS for practice supervisors?

The page below provides links to help social workers meet the practitioner level statement. If you’re a manager, supervisor or consultant looking for support for the Knowledge and skills statement for practice supervisors, please click here.


Inform Children’s practice guides, interactive learning tools, research reviews and legal content are ideal for newly qualified social workers in their ASYE, practitioners seeking accreditation, and anyone else wanting to develop and evidence their knowledge and skills against the government’s Post-qualifying standard: Knowledge and Skills Statement for Child and Family Practitioners (KSS).

On this page, we have mapped each part of the statement to the most relevant resources to help you meet each point. Click on the title or picture for the part you’re interested in to go to the resource map for that part of the statement. The map is also available in printable PDF form here.

  • For more information about this post-qualifying standard, how it fits into the ASYE, the national assessment and accreditation system (NAAS) and the other knowledge and skills statements (KSS), please see this quick guide.
  • For supervisors, we have also mapped Community Care Inform resources to the knowledge and skills statement for practice supervisors.
  • Community Care Inform’s interactive supported learning tools  can help you prepare for accreditation. Use our multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge of legislation, case law and research in key areas, including neglectdomestic abusechild sexual abuse, and child sexual exploitation. Feedback on your answers will direct you to targeted learning based on your current knowledge, helping you save time and ensure you find learning tailored to your needs.
    You can see all our interactive supported learning on this page. This content is only available to organisations with a workforce-wide licence for Inform. If you cannot access the links above or from the supported learning page but would like to know more, please click here.

If there is anything else you would like to be able to find on Community Care Inform to help you with the knowledge and skills statements, ASYE or accreditation at all levels, do let us know.