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Building a bond beyond leaving care: Lizzie and her social worker’s story

"Sometimes you need that one person to thrive in life". Lizzie, a young adult care leaver, and Janet, her former social worker, discuss building an ongoing relationship and how Janet has been a 'mother figure' for Lizzie.

Signs and indicators of child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse: working with the whole family

Child sexual abuse: 12 tips to support your work

Direct work tool: discussing emotions with autistic children and young people

Direct work tool to help identify emotions with autistic children and young people.

Webinar: domestic violence and abuse – safety planning and assessment

Recording of a one-hour webinar, and additional q&a, on domestic violence and abuse safety planning and assessment.

Direct work tool: ecomaps

Utilising ecomaps to aid in direct work with parents, children and young people.

Webinar: improving social work practice with fathers – learning from lived experiences

Recording a Community Care Inform's webinar with two fathers with lived experience of the child protection system who now advocate for and mentor other men

Community Care Inform licence-holders’ free webinar promo code

This page contains the promo code for Community Care Inform (CCI) subscribers and licenceholders to enter into Eventbrite in order to attend our webinars for free. The code for each new webinar will be supplied here. Remember to click 'apply' after adding the code to the box on the Eventbrite registration page!

Long term use of section 20 and the care order threshold: Re S (A Child) & W (A Child) [2023] EWCA Civ 1