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Link for Essex to access all NAAS quiz questions

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) knowledge and practice hub

EDI hub gathers resources on cultural competence, tackling biases and working with people who may face discrimination, including due to race, sexuality, gender or disability

Case study: the role of mental health coordinators in Essex County Council children and families

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Housing knowledge and practice hub

National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) hub

Sibling sexual abuse: podcast transcript

This episode discusses why sibling sexual abuse can be so challenging for social workers, how to work with the whole family and the shame, blame and denial of parents, as well as the fact that both the child who has been harmed and the child who has harmed are children, and use this opportunity to make a real positive difference to their lives and longer term outcomes.

Supporting students in higher education and practice with Community Care Inform

Trauma-informed knowledge and practice hub

Social worker burnout: podcast transcript

In this episode of our podcast we discuss research on burnout in social work and what these findings mean for your practice.