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Social worker burnout: podcast transcript

In this episode of our podcast we discuss research on burnout in social work and what these findings mean for your practice.

Motivational interviewing: podcast transcript

A podcast on what motivational interviewing is and the research base behind it, including improvised scenarios.

Social work with transgender people: podcast transcript

What it means to be transgender, the different ways in which trans people can experience discrimination from social workers and social care services and what good social work with trans people looks like.

Strengths-based practice: podcast transcript

A podcast about strengths-based practice, how it's different from asset-based practice, and how to use it in conversations.

Adult attachment and dementia: podcast transcript

A podcast on attachment systems in older age, dementia and attachment, and how to use attachment theory to understand you and others' behaviour.

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Practising during coronavirus (Covid-19): content hub

Working with adolescents knowledge and practice hub

Hub page gathers practice guidance, learning tools and legal information on different aspects of safeguarding and working with adolescents, and models and approaches social workers can use.

Social work during the coronavirus pandemic: resources for practitioners

Information and links to resources on CC Inform and around the web to support social workers continue their work with children and families during the coronavirus pandemic