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  • Court skills knowledge and practice hub

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    Management knowledge and practice hub

  • Podcast episodes

  • supervision session

    Critical reflection: how to develop it in your practice

  • grandmother with granddaughter fotolia pololia 760

    Special guardianship orders: quick guide

  • the word 'change' and wooden people

    The Liberty Protection Safeguards: quick guide

  • The impact of child sexual abuse: lessons from research

  • description_of_image_used_in_cultural_competence_research_review_word_culture_on_map_fotolia_sean_k

    Cultural competence: lessons from research

  • description_of_image_used_in_neglect_research_review_withdrawn_child_fotolia_Susan_Stevenson

    Neglect: lessons from research

  • Abstract brick wall with the word 'liberty'

    Deprivation of liberty and parental consent: Re D (A Child) [2019] UKSC 42

  • Description_of_image_used_in_section_20_putting_the_guidance_from_case_law_into_practice_children_act_1989_gary_brigden

    Section 20 (England)/Section 76 (Wales): putting the guidance from case law into practice

  • Open door with keys, key in keyhole

    Deprivation of liberty involving children: Re A-F (Children) [2018] EWHC 138 (Fam) and Re A-F (Children) (No.2) [2018] EWHC 2129 (Fam)

  • Padlock and keys with drawings of figures

    Learn on the go podcast: the Liberty Protection Safeguards

  • women talking in office

    Social work supervision: podcast

  • description_of_image_used_in_parental_alienation_podcast_wooden_figures_of_parent_and_child_fotolia_Андрей-Яланский

    Learn on the go podcast: parental alienation

  • Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019

  • children's jigsaw puzzle pieces

    Children Act 1989

  • houses of parliament

    Care Act 2014

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