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Neglect knowledge and practice hub

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Learning points

• How to recognise the six categories of neglect: medical, nutritional, emotional, physical, educational and supervisory.
• Why the the simultaneous occurrence of substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health problems in families puts children at increased risk of significant harm.
• How being neglected affects children – from the prenatal period to adolescence.

Resources in this hub can help you meet point 5 of the Knowledge and skills statement for child and family practitioners: Abuse and neglect of children.

Overview: thresholds and risk factors

Overview: thresholds and risk factors

Supported learning

Quiz: legislation, case law and research
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Child development and assessment tools

Child development and assessment tools

The impact of neglect

Jenny Molloy

Guides to the impact of neglect according to age:
0 to two years
Two to four years
Five to 11 years
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