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Working with disabled children knowledge and practice hub

care worker with disabled child Photo: mjowra/fotolia

Learning points

  • Quick reference and in-depth information for both mainstream safeguarding and specialist disability social workers on different aspects of working with disabled children, those with learning disabilities, on the autism spectrum and with special educational needs (SEN/SEND).
  • Includes guides to the law in England and Wales to help ensure your practice is compliant, for example for children receiving different types of short break or transitioning to adult services.
  • Case examples, including a Learn as a group session that takes you through a safeguarding case, help you apply guidance and research to your practice.
  • Test your knowledge of the law and research findings in relation to disabled children (only available to organisations with a workforce licence).

The resources in this hub can help you meet point 3 and point 8 of the Knowledge and skills statement for child and family practitioners: Child development.

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