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National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) hub

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Note: In January 2022, the DfE announced to local authorities taking part in NAAS that it is ending the current process of accreditation and assessment. Assessment centres, which were paused due to ‘Plan B’ Covid measures, will not re-open and there will be no further assessments under the current system. The department says it is committed to embedding assessment and accreditation based on the post-qualifying standards (knowledge and skills statements) and will develop a new approach and delivery model for assessment and accreditation, that may make greater use of digital technology rather than assessment centres. It expects the new model to be in place by the end of 2022. Resources on CC Inform will continue to be updated when more information is available.

Accredited social worker status will continue to be recognised, and contribute to evidence of CPD for Social Work England. Social workers with further questions about what the change in process means for them should consult their NAAS lead.

Learning points

  • What the National Assessment and Accreditation System for children’s social workers involves and how it links to the knowledge and skills statements (post-qualifying standards).
  • Support for those preparing for NAAS:
    • resource maps linking to Community Care Inform resources that can help you build and feel confident in the knowledge and skills set out in each part of your KSS.
    • tips and a video* example to help you prepare for assessed ‘simulated practice’ (role play).
    • our supported learning quizzes* to help you feel prepared for taking the knowledge assessment (multiple choice questionnaire).
  • For tips from social workers who’ve been through NAAS and implemented it in their organisation, see the experiences of NAAS section.

*Quizzes and interactive video are part of Community Care Inform’s supported learning programmeSupported learning content is only available to organisations with a workforce licence. If you would like to find out more about workforce subscriptions and accessing this content, please contact our helpdesk by email or calling 020 3915 9444  or see our brochure.

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