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KSS for practice supervisors: how Inform can help you

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For those seeking accredited status as a practice supervisor or wanting to develop their skill in this area, we have mapped resources on Inform Children to the government’s Post-qualifying standard: knowledge and skills statement for child and family practice supervisors (KSS).

Use the buttons below to go to the resource map for the eight parts of the statement. There are close links between the different parts of the statement so different resources are likely to help you with more than one area, but we have tried to highlight the most relevant content for each part.

The map is also available as a printable PDF here.

More help with the standards and accreditation

For more information about the post-qualifying standards and the national assessment and accreditation system (NAAS), please see this quick guide. You may also be interested in our resource map for the knowledge and skills statement for practitioners.

If there is anything else you would like to be able to find on Community Care Inform to help you with the knowledge and skills statements, accreditation/NAAS or ASYE, do let us know.