Peter Buzzi

Dr Peter Buzzi (@DrPeterBuzzi) is the director of Research and Management Consultancy Centre and the Centre for Safeguarding and Relational and Digital Practice and Well-being. He has led multiple largescale public and private sector research and transformation projects in the UK and overseas, including intergovernmental knowledge transfer projects by UNDP and is currently leading a largescale research and practice development project involving a number of local authorities and national organisations in England.

He has authored and co-authored various books and articles including Different voices: communication across cultures published by Routledge, Motherhood online: a reflection on transnational adoptions (Cambridge Scholar Press), Safeguarding children and young people online (Policy Press) and Social work and covid-19: relationship-based practice in a Global Pandemic. His upcoming books include Born digital and raised social: digital parenting in the age of moral panic and digital anxiety.

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Webinar: online direct work – a relationship based approach

Recording of Community Care Inform's webinar with Peter Buzzi with ideas for online direct work activities, maintaining safety and security and making use of 'social presence' and 'digilanguage'.

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Composite and complex risk and resilience

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