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Survivors' Network is a charity based in Brighton that supports survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The charity offers drop-in and helpline services, one-to-one and group counselling and support.

It provides advocacy through criminal investigation and court processes for child and adult survivors when abuse and violence is reported to the police, through independent sexual violence advisors (ISVAs).

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Video: the perspective from children and young people’s independent sexual violence advisors

Video with independent sexual violence advisors/advocates which explores multi-agency working and how the criminal justice process impacts on children and families.

Child sexual abuse: lived experience perspectives on social work involvement

Child sexual abuse: lived-experience perspectives on the impact on survivors and families

Extracts from interviews where young people and parents describe the impact of sexual abuse on them

Lived experience perspectives on disclosing child sexual abuse

Survivors explain who they first disclosed to and why, and what professionals could do to make it easier for children and young people, and understand non verbal disclosures.