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Learn on the go podcast: criminal exploitation and county lines

The parent of a son who was involved with gangs and a youth justice manager discuss how young people get involved with gangs, signs they are being exploited and what good social work with young people and parents looks like.

Learn on the go podcast: social work with transgender people

What it means to be transgender, the different ways in which trans people can experience discrimination from social workers and social care services and what good social work with trans people looks like.

Learn on the go podcast: parental alienation

Two experts explain the term 'parental alienation' and discuss the typical signs that indicate it might be taking place. They outline the impact it can have on children and the importance of the practitioner putting themselves in the child's shoes and not getting caught up in the adult arguments around, for example, contact and custody.

Learn on the go podcast: motivational interviewing

Three conversations: quick guide

Local area co-ordination: quick guide

Learn on the go: poverty, child protection and the care system

Learn on the go: strengths-based practice – podcast

Learn on the go: safeguarding adults reviews – podcast