Prospera Tedam

Dr Prospera Tedam is academic lead for social work practice quality at Anglia Ruskin University and chair of the voluntary organisation Afruca (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse).

Prospera is also a member of the Independent Families Returns Panel for the UK Border Agency.

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Videos: oppressive and anti-oppressive practice education

These videos show two different approaches in a supervision session between a practice educator and a social work student: one oppressive and discriminatory, the other more supportive and positive, as well as reflective questions and practice tips.

Anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice education

Cultural competence: lessons from research

Culturally competent practice requires the same knowledge, values and skills which underpin any competency training in health and social care professions, but it also requires cultural awareness, and a cultural sensitivity in attitude and approach. Examine the meaning of culture and how to apply these lessons to practice