Philip Heslop

Senior lecturer in social work at Northumbria University. He qualified as a social worker in 1992 and is a registered practitioner with the Health Care Professions Council. For twenty years he specialised in working with children and young people ‘looked after’ by foster carers and was a member of the Fostering Network’s national steering group focusing on fostering children with disabilities and support groups. His research interests include autism, foster care, grandparents/ kinship care and fathers/ male carers.

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Placement choice and decisions for looked-after children

Guide to different placement options for looked-after children, their legal standing and good practice considerations in decision-making

Placement disruption: quick guide


Covers when assessment should take place, what the purpose of assessment is, and the legislation and statutory guidance that local authorities should follow

Kinship care: quick guide

Provides a quick, practical guide to the difference between informal and formal kinship care, when social workers should consider kinship care as a placement option, and how to carry out viability assessments.