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The impact of child sexual abuse: messages from research

Key messages from research about the short and long-term impact of sexual abuse on individuals and their families and how professionals can help

I don’t know if sexual abuse is happening or not

Knowledge and Skills Statements (KSS), ASYE and the National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS)

Explains the role of the three knowledge and skills statements in the ASYE, ongoing professional development and the rollout of the government’s National Accreditation and Assessment System (NAAS).

Abuse and neglect of children KSS 5

Short breaks for disabled children: quick guide to the law

Safeguarding disabled children: guide to the law

Writing analytical section 7 reports for private proceedings

Case study: using a leadership approach to improve team performance and develop staff

The law and the family and youth justice systems KSS 8

Analysis and decision making: practice examples