Social work employer standard 6: Opportunities for CPD

Provide opportunities for continuing professional development and access to research and practice guidance.

Each individual subscriber has access to their own personal CPD log on Inform, allowing them to record their learning from articles they have read on Inform.

The requirements for this standard are summarised below.

View the full details for this standard on the LGA website.

  • Provide time, resources and support for CPD.
  • Have fair and transparent systems to enable social workers to develop their professional skills and knowledge throughout their careers through an entitlement to formal and informal CPD.
  • Provide appropriate support to social workers to progress through the national career structure.
  • Have effective induction systems and put in place tailored support programmes for social workers in their first year in practice, including protected development time, a managed workload, tailored supervision and personal development plans.
  • Support their social workers to make decisions and pursue actions that are informed by robust and rigorous evidence so that service users can have confidence in the service they receive.
  • Enable social workers to work with others engaged in research and practice development activities in universities, professional bodies, and the College Social Work to develop the evidence base for good practice.
  • Ensure that practice educators are able to contribute to the learning, support, supervision and assessment of students on qualifying and CPD programmes.

Examples of how Inform can support this standard:

Empowerment to work competently

Guide to change management.

Guide to confident direct work with children.

Guide to cultural competence in health and social care practice.

Guide to evidence-based practice.

Guide to leadership.

Looked-after children – assessment and making decisions about placement.

Using tools in direct work with children.

Practice Education

Guide to assessing social work students – challenges and strategies.

Guide to being a practice educator.

Guide to on-site/off-site practice educators: A workable model of practice learning?

Guide to promoting reflection in practice: The role of the practice educator.

Guide to working with emotion: A practice educator perspective.

Evidence-informed Practice

Accommodating homeless 16- and 17-year-olds – a guide to the law in the decision of the Law Lords in R (G) v Southwark LBC.

Evidence-based research into disorganised attachment and child maltreatment.

Evidence-based research on alcohol misuse among parents.

Guide to analysis and decision-making.

Over 900 case law summaries and legislation affecting children and families digested for a non-legal audience.

Fostering a learning and development culture

Guide to better information, better decisions, better outcomes – a frontline manager’s guide to information systems.

Guide to developing an outcome-orientated approach to managing your team.

Guide to managing students and novices.

Guide to organisational development.

Guide to rethinking management in social work and social care: managers as systems designers.