Social work employer standard 5: Ensuring appropriate supervision

Ensure that social workers have regular and appropriate social work supervision.

The requirements for this standard are summarised below.

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  • Ensure that social work supervision is not treated as an isolated activity by incorporating it into the organisation’s social work accountability framework.
  • Promote continuous learning and knowledge sharing through which social workers are encouraged to draw out learning points by reflecting on their own cases in light of the experiences of peers.
  • Provide regular supervision training for social work supervisors.
  • Assign explicit responsibility for the oversight of appropriate supervision and for issues that arise during supervision.
  • Provide additional professional supervision by a registered social worker for practitioners whose line manager is not a social worker.
  • Ensure that supervision takes place regularly and consistently.
  • Make sure that supervision takes place at least weekly for the first six weeks of employment of a newly qualified social worker, at least fortnightly for the duration of the first six months, and a minimum of monthly supervision thereafter.
  • Ensure that supervision sessions last at least an hour and a half of uninterrupted time.
  • Monitor actual frequency and quality of supervision against clear statements about what is expected.

Examples of how Inform can support this standard: