Social work employer standard 1: Accountability Framework

Have in place a social work accountability framework informed by knowledge of good social work practice and the experience and expertise of service users, carers and practitioners.

To achieve the best possible outcomes for the children, adults and families who use their services, it is essential that employers have a sound understanding of what constitutes good social work practice, the theories, research and evidence that underpin it and the ways in which their organisation can achieve it. They should establish how this drives the planning and delivery of specific services.

Community Care Inform contains a wealth of expert written articles with examples of what constitutes good social work practice and the theories that underpin it, as well as research to help evidence decisions.

Community Care Inform helps social workers make better informed decisions, and handle matters involving legislation with ease and accuracy. It helps practitioners quickly research cases, look up expert articles and access legislation guidance – for background research, case preparation, or even academic purposes – all from a single point of reference.

Community Care Inform wants to support social workers to implement the standards for employers by publishing and commissioning content relevant to the standards. Community Care Inform is delighted to be able to support The College of Social Work’s Professional Capabilities Framework having created a helpful tool that gives an overview of the Professional Capabilities Framework and sets out how Community Care Inform supports social workers’ professional development with articles and functionality.

The requirements for this standard are summarised below.

View the full details for this standard on the LGA website.

  • Develop a strategy to monitor the effectiveness of the social work service delivery.
  • Ensure that processes are in place to seek and collate the views of service users, carers and practitioners.
  • Implement a system to analyse and act upon the views of service users, carers and practitioners so that continuous feedback informs and supports the delivery of quality services.
  • Establish clear lines of accountability within the organisation for social work service delivery.
  • Identify a strategic lead social worker who will be responsible for implementing the Standards for Employers and Supervision Framework.
  • Complete, review and publish an annual “health check” to assess the practice conditions and working environment of the organisation’s social work workforce.
  • Promote social work practice awareness amongst service directors and strategic managers, local politicians, community leaders, voluntary sector stakeholders and professionals in universal services such as schools, health and the police.
  • Establish and maintain strategic partnerships with partner agencies, higher education institutions and other organisations.
  • Explain and promote the role of social work to the public.
  • Meet the career needs of social workers.
  • Work with the College of Social Work and allow all social workers to be engaged in the work of the college.