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Neglect knowledge and practice hub

Learning points

• How to recognise the six categories of neglect: medical, nutritional, emotional, physical, educational and supervisory.
• Why the ‘toxic trio’ – the simultaneous occurrence of substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health problems in families – puts children at increased risk of significant harm.
• How being neglected affects children – from the prenatal period to adolescence.


Joanna Nicolas

Joanna Nicolas, child protection consultant and trainer, led the review of our content on neglect. She has produced the quick guides and quiz, reviewed and updated all the indepth guides on working with neglect and presented a webinar on presenting evidence for court.

Jenny Molloy, care leaver, patron of BASW and author of the books Hackney Child and Tainted Love, gives a powerful video interview on her childhood experiences of growing up with neglect. In the short, compelling film Jenny also shares advice on what social workers should consider in neglect cases.
Neil Ventress, child protection trainer and former senior lecturer at Teesside University, is the original author of six indepth guides on neglect. Neil has also produced the new indepth guide to intervening in cases of neglect.
David Wilkins, senior lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, has produced the new and unique neglect assessment comparison tool. It evaluates and compares a range of available assessment tools that help social workers identify and assess neglect, including a research digest of recent neglect research. David has also written Inform’s indepth guides to writing care plans and how to analyse and make decisions in social work.

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