Jo Deverill, consultant social worker, Cambridgeshire

I am a consultant social worker within a busy assessment team. As we are the ‘front door’ to children’s services we work with a wide range of families, from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. The families we work with have a range of needs and having an understanding of these areas and access to information about them is imperative.

I am a frequent user of Community Care Inform and have found it easy to use and informative. I often search for information on a specific area, to help inform my practice and assessments. For example, I recently worked with a child who had foetal alcohol syndrome. Information on the site gave me a very helpful awareness of the syndrome meaning I could help the family with their knowledge and understanding and provide a better service to them.

As a manager, I have found Community Care Inform has enabled the team to increase their knowledge. We have taken research papers from Community Care Inform into supervision to discuss and embed into practice.

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