Claire Collins, child sexual exploitation coordinator, Central Bedfordshire

Specific to my role, which focuses on child sexual exploitation (CSE), there are a number of in-depth articles that cover the spectrum of identifying the issues, recognising abuse and responding to abuse.

There are also articles in relation to legal issues/case law. These articles have supported me in enhancing my knowledge, including identifying and responding to CSE, and in turn I have been able to advise other staff within the local authority.

It has also assisted me to identify deficits in how the service responds to CSE and to contribute to service development. For example I have contributed to ensuring policy and procedures are in line with changes in legislation and best practise.

The other benefit has been in enabling me to challenge other professionals to ensuring the best outcomes for young people. I have been able to confidently have discussions with partner agencies such as police about appropriate actions to take to work with perpetrators as well as victims.

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