Carlie Proctor, social worker, family support team, Oxfordshire

Photo: Gary Brigden

Photo: Gary Brigden

I work in a family support team, and have been in the team since my time on placement. When Community Care Inform was first introduced, I went along to the training thinking that this was going to be another resource that I would not necessarily use. However I came out of the training feeling excited by the prospect of this wealth of information and went straight back to the office to log in.

I work with people of all religions, backgrounds and cultures; recently in Oxfordshire we have had to focus on child sexual exploitation and Community Care Inform has information on all of it. I particularly like the profiles of other countries, there is literally so much information but information that is useful. I don’t have to plough through reams and reams in order to get to what I want.

I ensure that I log into Community Care Inform at least once every two weeks, sometimes I just read an article that catches my interest, or other times I am looking for something specific – especially when completing court reports and parenting assessments. I have been able to read articles on mental health and substance misuse in order to gain some insight and empathy for the families I am working with.

One of my favourite things about the site is the way it helps you keep track of your CPD. It is stressful enough trying to juggle everything on your ‘to do’ list and often the CPD gets forgotten, however every time I log on, I ensure that I update my CPD and then it is all there, it really is that simple.

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