Sue Penna

Sue is the co-founder and chief creative officer and programme expert at Rock Pool C.I.C. Sue has worked with individuals who have experienced psychological trauma as a result of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) for over 30 years in her professional life as a clinician, trainer and supervisor both within the NHS and independently. She has specialised in writing psycho-educational programmes that promote trauma-informed practice and a recovery model. Sue is passionate for the need for multi-agency working and committed to supporting frontline workers to have the skills to support families with a trauma-informed approach. Sue has an extensive background in the domestic abuse sector and has written trauma-informed domestic abuse programmes including the Inspiring Families Programme, Adult and Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit and the Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit. Sue has also devised the ACE Recovery Toolkit written for parents and the ACE Recovery Toolkit for children and young people. Sue recently published The Recovery Toolkit – a self -help guide for individuals recovering from domestic abuse. Further details about her work can be found at

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A trauma-informed approach to domestic abuse: quick guide

The five key principles of a trauma-informed approach and how to apply them when working with adults affected by domestic abuse.

Guide to trauma and a trauma-informed approach

This guide explores the key principles that underpin a trauma-informed approach and how you can bring this into your practice, to build trusting relationships with children and adults who have experienced trauma. It also considers how organisations cam deliver a trauma-informed service, focused on safety and empowerment.

Guide to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

This guide looks at the purpose of the original study of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how ACEs can be used in practice.