Stephen Cowden

Dr Stephen Cowden is a senior lecturer in social work at the University of Gloucestershire. He has worked in social work education for over 20 years and has researched the area of radicalisation from a social work and safeguarding perspective in several contexts. He co-founded the BASW special interest group: Preventing Violent Extremism and Hate Crime. He was a journal editor for Feminist Dissent (4), special issue on the Prevent policy, and co-authored the 2019 article ‘Safeguarding or Surveillance? Social Work, Prevent and Fundamentalist Violence’ in that issue. At the time of writing the CC Inform radicalisation guide, Stephen is completing his own research into the social work role within the Prevent policy. Stephen can be contacted at

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Radicalisation and social work

Why far right and islamic fundamentalist radicalisation is growing, what social workers need to understand about the radicalised mindest and effective ways of working with young people.