Pat McMullan

I have worked within the social work profession for more than 25 years. I am a qualified social worker, registered with the General Care Council and I have a diploma in therapeutic child care. I worked for much of my career within Kent social services, and during that time I gained experience working with very complex traumatised children initially within residential settings and finally within the wider general community. I worked for a period within fostering and adoption, followed by many years as a children and families social worker. Finally, I worked as a manager within an initial assessment team.

I have run a variety of training courses over the years, mainly related to direct work with children and in relation to life story work. I have also had experience in co-running In Touch with Children courses. During my career as a social worker, I developed specialist skills in direct work with children.  This has included: The rehabilitation of children at home.,Life story work to prepare children for adoption/permanency.,Direct work focused on developing coping strategies to address issues related to trauma.,Helping children to develop an understanding of safe caring and developing an understanding of appropriate sexual boundaries. In line with this work, I have given guidance and support to families who are caring for emotionally complex children.

Since 2003, I have worked as an independent social worker and trainer.