Eileen Fursland Eileen Fursland

Eileen Fursland is a freelance writer. She writes mainly about social issues, particularly those affecting children, and has contributed many articles to a wide range of magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian. She has also authored or co-authored a number of books, guides, training programmes and booklets for BAAF Adoption and Fostering.

She has written three books: Children's Play; Working Mum's Handbook (with Carole Smillie); and Get Your Kids Fit! (with Kelly Holmes), all published by Virgin Publishing; and an online reference source for anyone who works with children and young people, called Understanding the Child (to be published by Pearson Publishing Group in late 2010).

Her most recent books are Facing up to Facebook: A Survival guide for adoptive families and Social Networking and Contact: How social workers can help adoptive families (available at www.baaf.org.uk).

Eileen has also written a guide for adopted teenagers and a book on managing social networking in foster care, both of which will be published by BAAF in late 2010.

Eileen is also delivering training courses and writing a training course for BAAF on the issue of social networking and adoption.