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Learning points

• The precise meaning of attachment, and why to avoid talking about ‘attachment problems’ or ‘attachment disorders’.
• Practical ways of assessing attachment in children and young people, from guided parenting tasks and reflective practice to mentalising.
• How to provide evidence in court about attachment relationships (and why you don’t actually need to use the word ‘attachment’).


Daviid Shemmings

David Shemmings, professor of child protection research at the University of Kent and visiting professor, Royal Holloway, University of London, has written the quick guides, with contributions from social workers and researchers, and quality assured these resources to ensure we provide you with information you can trust.

Tool, case studies and examples contributed by Carly Adams, Lissil Averill, Naomi Bannister, Ross Barnett, Alice Cook, Eleanor Hagardon-Lowe, Aine Kelly, Gill Schofield, Yvonne Shemmings, Henry Smith and David Wilkins.

Dr Steve Farnfield, senior lecturer and assessing attachment trainer, peer reviewed the material.

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