Supervision Framework: Personal learning, career and development opportunities

Supervision in this context is about monitoring and promoting continuing professional development, including maintaining social work registration. This could include career development advice and time to explore professional development opportunities such as further qualifications. This can be included in the line manager’s or professional supervisor’s role.

My CPD log:
Each individual subscriber has access to their own personal CPD log on Inform, allowing them to record their learning from articles they have read on Inform as well as any other learning or development they have completed outside of Inform. Using the CPD log, practitioners can demonstrate how using articles on Inform to build their knowledge can help them to better serve the children and families they work with.

Supporting The College of Social Work’s Professional Capabilities Framework:
Community Care Inform has produced a detailed document that outlines how we support the Professional Capabilities Framework. We have identified relevant Inform guides that can be used to help professionals meet the criteria set out within the nine domains for each career level.